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Dinkar Kamat
Dinkar KamatUpdated 3 years ago

Eliminate repetitive typing with ease!

Cok Free Auto Typer is a useful software designed to replace manual typing in certain situations. This free software assigns hotkeys to specific elements of text, allowing you to avoid repetitive typing jobs. Instead of repeating the same words and phrases, you can automatically paste the desired word or phrase, or even set a hotkey to input text. With this free download for Windows, you can save a good amount of time, and ensure higher efficiency in the task. Once you start using the tool, you can play around with several customization options to get better results.

An excellent choice for customer service teams!

Cok Free Auto Typer isn’t a typical program that automatically types words or phrases you speak or enter on the screen. Like Auto Clicker Typer, this tool lets you set hotkeys for specific words or phrases, allowing you to cut short the time spent on repetitive typing tasks. Compared to other tools, this one is faster and lightweight on system resources.

While using this program, you can work on more files and documents than you would while manually typing in details. As such, Free Auto Typer has a direct impact on productivity and efficiency. With this tool, you don’t need to repeat the same details over and over.

When you use the specific hotkey assigned to a word or phrase, it displays the options on the screen. The only problem is that your Windows computer might have already assigned the same hotkey for other tasks. However, since the program offers multiple customization options, you can easily change hotkeys or selections.

Cok Free Auto Typer is an ideal choice for teachers, customer service representatives, and people in other jobs that require repetitive typing. If you realize that your job requires you to use a lot of repetitive words and phrases, you can start using this tool without paying a penny.

Over the years, this program has been immensely popular among customer service representatives, who chat all day with customers. Since most queries are similar, the tool allows representatives to handle more customers in a day.

Compared to Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste, Cok Free Auto Typer is easy to install. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you can launch the app within seconds. Most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of space on your hard disk.

Is Cok Free Auto Typer easy to use?

As mentioned earlier, the installation process is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t require a registration or subscription. As such, you don’t have to worry about any surprises. Within a few seconds, the installation is complete and you can start using the program. The minimal interface is a welcome addition, and lets you use the program without technical training or skills.

Cok Free Auto Typer features a menu bar, a windowpane, and a few buttons to display selected hotkeys. Since it’s an easy-to-use program, it’s suitable for all kinds of people, including the ones with minimal or no experience in the IT industry. Additionally, the tool provides you with a ‘Help’ section, where you can find multiple resources to solve issues and problems.

Does Cok Free Auto Typer have customizations?

With Cok Free Auto Typer, you can add a wide range of hotkeys within a few clicks. The program doesn’t put a cap on the maximum number of hotkeys or text input you can use. As such, you can set several options for as many repetitive typing tasks as you want. Moreover, within a couple of clicks, you can edit or delete existing hotkeys, providing you with various customization options.

Just like Free Auto Clicker, this program displays all the items in an easy-to-access window. Simply double-clicking on a choice lets you copy the text on the ‘Clipboard’. From the ‘Settings’ menu, you can play around with various features and preferences. For instance, you can set the tool to launch at startup or force it over other windows. Similarly, you can change the hotkey that enables you to show or hide the program’s minimized version.

While tools like TypingClub help you improve typing speed, Cok Free Auto Typer bypasses the system to improve efficiency and productivity. Instead of helping you improve the manual speed, it automates the process and saves a good amount of time. Cok Free Auto Typer is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to type the same text over and over. Whether your job demands such tasks or you indulge in courses that require regular tests, this tool can solve the problem.

As mentioned earlier, this program allows you to set hotkeys for a wide range of words and phrases. Since there’s no limit to the number of hotkeys, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck after a specific period of time. Simply put, Cok Free Auto Typer saves your time, effort, labor, and in turn improves efficiency.

Cok Free Auto Typer is a handy software, which does not require a lot of system resources. As such, it keeps running in the background while you continue to use different programs on your Windows PC. Most importantly, the tool doesn’t cause any lags or crashes, which allows you to work without disruptions.

Be more efficient and save time!

Cok Free Auto Typer is an excellent choice for teachers, students, customer service representatives, programmers, and people writing articles. These roles require people to continuously type the same words and phrases. Instead of manually copying and pasting, this Cok free software lets you use hotkeys to be more efficient. In fact, using this tool can reduce repetitive stress issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Last but not least, you get more efficient in the job, and ensure better productivity.

Best free auto typer software to input words by press hotkey.

This auto type software is a 100 % free program that will assist you with textual content input. In case you are exhausted by continuing typing an equal article again and again due to your work requirement, just free use Cok Free Auto Typer, this assists everyone get rid of such a humdrum procedure. This wonderful zero-cost software package allow you to set the words you have to answer and the corresponding shortcut key, when you need to put in this text, press this hotkey which you have defined, and then words will be input instantly. This software drastically help save your time, lessen your current toil intensity and increases your task productivity.

1st, it can automatic launch immediately after computer system starts and reduce to tray icon;
2nd, it can be actived and invisible by certain shortcut key;
3rd, this software automatic copy the words to clipboard by double mouse click the phrase item, it follows that anyone can paste words and phrases for the input boxes;
4th, this auto typer software can be always show in top, allows you to know exactly which your hotkeys are;

This auto typer software is commonly used by web-based customer-service people who must help answer many continual queries, and people who require to fill in the same forms on a lot of site.


  • Loads of customization options
  • Helps save time and effort
  • Easy to add new phrases
  • Simple interface


  • Some duplicate hotkeys
  • Hotkey sequences need to be memorized

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Cok Free Auto Typer for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 3.0
  • 3.3

  • Security Status

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